HUNT MODE - Explore · Scavenge · Trade

The Hunt Mode is the basic game mode. Once you log into the game you will get notified of nearby active anomalous areas,
the amount of remaining artifacts in them and the amount of nearby players.

Some playing areas will be fixed, and others will get enabled by user proximity. Among the fixed cities we intend to add regular places like public squares or parks, but we intend to add abandoned cities and facilities as well, as long as they are of public access, to maximize the experience.

Through a meritocratic system, as players retrieve artifacts from different zones, they will get extra reputation points depending on the danger level of the areas accessed, and the distance traveled to obtain them.

Buy, sell or trade your artifacts in a rich and deep market environment, equip them for your adventures, or combine them to spawn new artifacts.


LARP MODE - Organize · Create · Host

The LARP (Live Action Role Playing) Mode will allow you to enhance your LARP events. Assign a game area within a time frame, host Zone mode and extra mode games within your events, and create your adventure.

Create audio markers for players to receive when reaching specific points or areas, enabling you to create a background story for your event and tell it as you play.

Gather clans into Factions within your LARP timespan and create competitive or collaborative missions!

Premium users will receive a specific amount of tickets monthly without additional cost which they can spend in LARP activities, while regular users will be able to join LARP by using tickets they can buy for a small fee. LARP hosts will be able to buy in-game prizes to reward the clans or factions for the achievement of specific tasks, or overall LARP ratings.

Additionally, you will be able to integrate the following preset modes to your LARP:


The host player limits a game area, and a score value is set to specific areas (bases) which will give points to the faction by stay time. They can be taken by other factions by stay time if they reach an enemy base (like in the classic "Domination" modes). Once a faction claims a base, they can assign a type of contamination depending on the artifact types they have (irradiate the base for example). The game can be time (minutes or hours), or score limited.


Safe areas are assigned by the game host, to where the players have to bring all the artifacts found in the game area. Each secured artifact adds points.
The game can be time or score limited.


The host player limits a game area, and the game spawns artifacts. There are different types of artifacts with different values. Within a time frame, the clan that adds more points, wins.