Experts in their fields, Stalkers to the core combined to fuel this dream

Gabriel currently works in a telecommunications software developing company, counting with five years of experience as trainer and technical writer.
As a creative writer, his experience began with STALKER: Monolith's Whisper and The Chamber, which later matured into other titles such as Norilsk Incident.
He has self published part of his works with international reach, while other of his fictional works have been published nationally by magazines, newspapers and publishing houses.
He collected prizes and recognitions for international and national short movie festivals, as well as international board game creation competitions.

Personal Website: FZ Ideas

Diego is the founder & CTO at Hoop, MelsFX and Co-founder at MervelFilms.
He carries years of experience and strong knowledge in augmented and virtual reality, holograms, 360º video production, post-production, editing, film direction, graphic and multimedia design.
He has executed projects for international leading brands such as Nike, Ferrari, Star Wars, Pepsi and more.
His experience as Director, Editor and Post-producer on over 100 video productions and several advertising pieces has gathered him several field related prizes and recognitions.

Corporate Website: Hoop

"Maneco" has a professional career in visual arts, being an Adobe Certified Expert in Video Communication.
He has worked for several national and international audiovisual productions, and teaches 3D modelling, Editing and Visual Effects in one of the leading visual arts institutes in the country.
Part of the original Monolith's Whisper team relied on his skills to shoot and edit the STALKER: Monolith's Whisper Remake trailer, being that his first introduction to the STALKER universe.
There's no better introduction to Maneco's work than his personal reel.

Personal Reel: VFX Reel

Steph has collaborated with the current team member projects before, from STALKER: Monolith's Whisper to Norilsk Incident.
Her painting skills and deep knowledge of the STALKER universe have turned out to be a great combination, breeding breath taking pieces which carry the spirit and essence of the Zone.
She is a jeweler, crafting breathtaking bijou from Mexico's finest materials.
An artifact crafter in real life.

DeviantArt: Aerusss

Fernando is a software engineer who has worked in telecommunication and software programming for more than 25 years.
He has developed and manages the custom geolocalization system of one of the main Taxi fleets in the country.
His expertise and dedication have granted him contracts with the most prominent national companies.
He has worked for renowned national and international companies as a private contractor.

Agustín is a software engineer and Microsoft Active Professional who has worked in software companies mainly developing insurance and banking desktop and web applications.
With high expertise, curiosity and proactivity in the software fields has won him awards of many kinds, from fast development to best practices.
He has worked for renowned international companies, as a leader and key part of the development process.
Apart from that, he has managed many web and backoffice project for leading brands.

Personal profile: LinkedIn